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New Products

  • M18D Superfine Merino Top, dyed, 18.5 microns
  • M23D Fine Merino Top, dyed, 23 microns
  • We dropped the 23 micron merino last fall, but are bringing it back after many requests from our customers
  • Lots of new colours
  • Silk Fabric
  • Silk Hankies, (bombyx), white
  • Silk Georgette, 4.5 mm, 140cm (54"), white
  • Silk Gauze, 4.5 mm, 110cm (45"), white
  • Silk Habotai, 5 mm, 110cm (45"), white


What we do
  • Produce our own line of hand-felted items
  • Sell high quality fibre for felters and handspinners
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  • Last updated:     23 November 2016
  • All prices are in Canadian Dollars
  • 1.00 CAD = 0.76 USD
  • No shipping charges on orders of $100 or more, for orders shipped to Canada and the continental USA. See our Orders & Payments page for details, and for a complete list of order and payment options.
  • To avoid disappointment, be sure to purchase enough fibre to complete your project.
  • To locate a particular product or fibre, first click on the product category in the sidebar, then follow the links.
  • Click on product codes for pictures and detailed product descriptions.



Traditional feltmaking is an ancient non-spun, non-woven method of transforming sheepswool into fabric. Felted garments have been discovered in gravesites dating back 4000 years. Imagine, people living 4000 years ago made clothing, rugs, even housing, in much the same way as felters do today.

Magic happens when wool fibres meet water, soap and the energy of the felter. Tiny scales along each fibre open up and tangle together, pulling tightly and shrinking, forming a durable and warm fabric.

My goal is always to let the beauty of the material speak for itself, and to use the natural properties to obtain different colours and textures. My background as a sheep and cashmere goat breeder is the foundation of my love affair with natural fibres. Working with such earthy materials is a constant reminder to me of our connection with the natural world.

~ Maureen

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