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Code Description Sale
Unit Regular
FMP Merino Prefelt Squares, size: 24cm x 24cm (9.5" x 9.5")
   your choice of any style or colour from our prefelt lines

  each 1.00
FMP19 Superfine Merino Prefelt, dyed, 19.5 microns, width: 120cm (47")
   New colour: Tomato Red

  metre 18.00
FMP19S Superfine Prefelt Blend, 80% dyed merino, 20% dyed silk, 19.5 microns, width: 120cm (47")

  metre 18.00
FMPW Fine Merino Prefelt, natural white, width: 1 metre (39")

  metre 14.00
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  • Prefelt can be used as a single sheet for a very fine and flexible felt, or cut into shapes, layered, and used in nuno felting
  • By using this fabric you will shorten your layout time and expand your design possibilities
  • Note that prefelt is lightly needle-felted and does not have structural integrity, therefore further felting is essential
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